Alavi Overseas Consultant provides comprehensive range of logistic services for Client’s project including

General living facilities, ensuring good standards in living facilities is important in order to avoid safety hazards and to protect workers from diseases.
It is also important that workers’ accommodation is unaffected by the environmental or operational impacts of the worksite (for example noise, emissions or dust) but is sufficiently close that workers do not have to spend undue amounts of time travelling from their accommodation to the worksite.
Make sure that transportation of employees from the housing to the worksite is safe and free.

Standards for nutrition and food safety , hygiene and food safety are absolutely critical. In addition to providing safe food, providing nutritious food is important as it has a very direct impact on workers’ productivity and well-being.

Medical facilities Access to adequate medical facilities is important to maintain workers’ health and to provide adequate responses in case of health emergency situations. However, first aid must always be available on site.